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Timeline of William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror

Middle Ages - William the Conqueror

Timeline of William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror was born in 1028 - his exact date of birth is unknown. He was the bastard son of Robert I the Duke of Normandy

1035: William the Bastard became Duke of Normandy at the age of only seven years old

1051: William said that King Edward the Confessor had promised that William should succeed him as king of England.

1052: Married Matilda of Flanders. William and Matilda had six daughters and four sons

1066 January 4th: The Death of Edward the Confessor

January 6th 1066: Harold Earl of Wessex crowned King of England

April 1066: Halley's Comet

Spring 1066: Norman mission to Rome to seek Papal support for the Norman Invasion

July 1066: William prepares his fleet for the English invasion at the River Dives in Normandy

September 27th 1066: Duke William sets sail for England - The Norman Invasion begins

September 28th 1066: Duke William lands at Pevensey, on the South coast of England. The Norman Invasion

September 29th 1066: Duke William occupies Hastings, on the South coast of England

October 1st 1066: Harold , celebrating his victory over the Vikings at York, receives news of the Norman invasion

October 1st 1066: Harold marches his army back from the North of England to the South of England to defend against the Norman Invasion!

October 6th 1066: King Harold arrives in London. October 1066 The English Army prepare their defences at Senlac

Friday 13th of October 1066: Negotiations between the Normans and Saxons - William demands that King Harold either resigns his royalty in favor of William, refers it to the arbitration of the Pope or let it be determined by the issue of a single combat. King Harold declines

Saturday 14th of October: The Normans and the Saxons fight the Battle of Hastings. The wounded King Harold was killed and his body mutilated by the Normans. William had won the Battle of Hastings - he was the Conqueror

December 25th 1066: William is crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey in London

1067: Quashed a rebellion led by King Harold's mother Gytha

1068: King William exacted a terrible punishment on the rebels in the North of England referred to as 'The Harrying of the North'.  Matilda is crowned Queen of England

1071: Quashed a rebellion led by Hereward the Wake

1073: The Building of Norman castles in England including the Tower of London

1086: Compilation of the Doomsday book

1087 9th September: King William I died at Saint-Gervais near Rouen, France

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