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Timeline of King Stephen

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Timeline of King Stephen

Stephen de Blois (King Stephen) seized the English throne throne from his cousin Matilda, who was the rightful heir as the daughter of King Henry I of England. He reigned 1135 - 1154.

1097: Stephen was born in 1097, the exact date of birth is unknown

1119: Stephen married Queen Matilda of Boulogne (1105 - 1152)

1120: Matilda's elder brother William Audelin and heir to the English throne died in a ship wreck

1127: In January 1127 King Henry I forced the Barons to swear allegiance to Matilda, afraid of a Civil War breaking out after his death

1128: Matilda marries Geoffrey of Anjou and they had three sons Henry, Geoffrey, Count of Nantes and her youngest son was called William

1136: Matilda's eldest son, Henry, was born on March 5, 1133 (later, King Henry II of England)

1135: King Henry I dies on December 1

1135:Stephen seizes the throne of England on December 22

1136: The civil war between Stephen and Matilda begins. The great supporter of Matilda was Robert Earl of Gloucester, who was an illegitimate son of Henry I and step-brother to Matilda

1141: Stephen captured at the Battle of Lincoln in February when Stephen laid siege to Lincoln Castle. He was then imprisoned

1141 April: Matilda was claimed Queen of England

1141 June: Matilda entered London for her coronation but had no support in London and was forced to flee the city.

1141 September 14: The Rout of Winchester. Stephen's imprisonment was ended when he was exchanged for the Earl of Gloucester who had been captured by Stephen's supporters

1142: Matilda continued plotting against Stephen with the aid of Geoffrey de Mandeville

1143 September: Stephen arrested Geoffrey de Mandeville taking his lands and making him an outlaw and depriving Matilda of one of her most powerful allies

1145: King Stephen captured the castle at Farringdon from Matilda

1146 March 1: Pope Eugenius III issues a Papal Bull for a Second Crusade

1147: Robert, Earl of Gloucester died and Matilda gave up her fight for England and she conceded the throne to Stephen

1147: Start of the Second Crusade

1147: Matilda left England for Normandy and spent the rest of her life in a convent

1147: The eldest son of Matilda, Henry, attempted to invade England but he failed

1149: Henry again attempted to invade England but he was driven back to Normandy by Stephen

1153: Henry once again invaded England and Stephen was forced to agree a truce and that Henry, the son of Matilda, should be heir to the throne of England instead of his own son, Eustace

1153: Eustace the son of Stephen was furious and continued the fight but he died suddenly on August 17

1154 November 6: The Treaty of Wallingford. The agreement of succession of Henry II after Stephen was witnessed by the English Knights Templar.

1154 October 25: Stephen died in Dover, at Dover Priory, and was buried in Faversham Abbey

1154 December: Henry the son of Matilda succeeded King Stephen as King Henry II of England

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