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Timeline of King Richard the Lionheart

King Richard I - The Lion Heart

King Richard I - The Lion Heart

Timeline of King Richard the Lionheart
He reigned as King of England: 1189 1199

1157: King Richard the Lionheart was born on September 8, 1157 at Beaumont Palace, Oxford, England. He was the son of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. He had three brothers - Henry the Young King (11551183), Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany (11581186) and John (11671216) And three sisters Matilda, Duchess of Saxony (11561189), Leonora of England (11611214) and Joan Plantagenet (11651199)

1168: Richard was invested with the duchy of Aquitaine

1172: Richard was invested with the duchy of Poitiers

1179: Richard took mighty fortress town of Taillebourg in just two weeks due to his skills in siege warfare

1179: Richard argued with his brothers and joined his father King Henry II to subdue Henry the Young King, Geoffrey and the barons

1183 June: Henry the Young King died of dysentery and Richard became heir to the throne of England

1186 July: Geoffrey, son of Henry II dies in a tournament

1187: The capture of Jerusalem by Saladin, the sultan of Egypt

1187 November: Richard takes the Cross as did King Philip Augustus of France and the German emperor, Frederick Barbarossa

1189: King Henry II dies on 6 July 1189 at the Chateau Chinon. King Henry II was buried Fontevraud Abbey. Richard visits the tomb

1189: Queen Eleanor was freed from prison and was to reign until Richard arrived from France

1189: 3rd of September: Richard was crowned in Westminster Abbey

1189 11 December: Richard began planning his Crusade by selling mansions and castles - he reputedly said "If I could have found a buyer I would have sold London itself."

1190: Richard appoints Hugh, Bishop of Durham, and William de Mandeville, 3rd Earl of Essex, as regents. William de Mandeville dies and is replaced by Richard's chancellor William Longchamp.

1190 4th of July: Richard embarks on the Third Crusade first stopping at Sicily

1190: Richard's brother John, furious at his brother's choice of regents starts to plot against Richard

1191 May 6: Richard sails to Cyprus

1191 May 12: Married Queen Berengaria of Navarre (1170 1230) first-born daughter of King Sancho VI of Navarre at Limassol. They had no children

1191 June 1: Richard gains control of Cypress

1191 Jun 6: Richard arrived at Tyre and attacked Acre

1191 July 11: Richard gains control of Tyre

1191 July: Richard recovers the city of Acre from the Saracens

1191 - 1192: King Richard remained for longer in the Holy Land than the other leaders. His campaigns against Saladin during this time gained for him the title of "Lion-hearted". But could not capture Jerusalem

1192 September 2: King Richard and Saladin finally concluded a truce by the terms of which Christians were permitted to visit Jerusalem without paying tribute, that they should have free access to the holy places

1192: King Richard on his return from the Holy Land was shipwrecked off the coast of the Adriatic

1192 December: The Ransom of King Richard: Travelling through Austria in disguise, he was captured by the duke of Austria, whom he had offended at the siege of Acre. The king regained his liberty only by paying a ransom equivalent to more than twice the annual revenues of England.

1194 February 4: The ransom was paid and Richard was finally released

1194: During his absence, John had come close to seizing the throne but Richard forgave him, and even named him as his heir

1199: Date when King Richard the Lionheart died: April 6, 1199 at Chalus, in Limousin and was buried at Fontevraud Abbey

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