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Timeline of King Richard II

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Timeline of King Richard II

King Richard II Reigned as King of England from June 22, 1377 - September 29, 1399.

1367: Richard was born on January 6, 1367 in Bordeaux. He was the grandson of King Edward III of England and the son of Edward, the Black Prince and Joan of Kent (1328-1385).

1376 June 8: Edward, the Black Prince and eldest son of King Edward III died and His eldest son, Richard, became heir to the English throne and was given the title of Prince of Wales

1377: King Edward III died on June 21, 1377

1377: King Edward III was succeeded by his grandson, Richard

1377 July 16: The coronation of King Richard II was on July 16, 1377. John of Gaunt, his uncle, ruled on Richard's behalf for the first years of his reign

1381: The Peasants Revolt led by Wat Tyler

1383 22 January: King Richard II married Anne of Bohemia, daughter of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor - the marriage was childless

1384 7 June 1394: Anne of Bohemia dies

1387: King Richard II takes over the rule of England. He appointed his favorites to the council, including Robert de Vere, 9th Earl of Oxford with whom he was believed to have a homosexual relationship - the English barons were furious at such behaviour

1388: The favorites of King Richard II were either exiled or executed, his power was curbed and Richard was forced to appoint a new council

1396: Richard, to the baron's disgust, signed a 28 year Peace Treaty with France

1396 31 October 1396:King Richard II married Princess Isabella of Valois, daughter of Charles VI of France - the marriage was childless

1399: Richard banished John of Gaunt's son and heir Henry Bolingbroke to France for ten years and took his lands

1399: Bolingbroke landed in Yorkshire with an army provided by the King of France

1399: Richard was captured, forced to abdicate and conceded the crown to his cousin Henry of Lancaster ( Henry Bolingbroke )

1400: King Richard II died on February 14, 1400 - Possibly murdered in Pontefract Castle

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