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Timeline of King John

King John

Middle Ages - King John

Timeline of King John
The Middle Ages encompass one of the most exciting and bloodthirsty periods in English and European History. King John reigned as King of England: 1199 1216.

1167: King John was born on December 24, 1167 at Beaumont Palace, Oxford England. He was the son of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. He had three brothers - Henry the Young King (11551183), Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany (11581186) and Richard the Lionheart.

His three sisters were Matilda, Duchess of Saxony (11561189), Leonora of England (11611214) and Joan Plantagenet (11651199)

1183 June: Henry the Young King died of dysentery and Richard became heir to the throne of England

1186 July: Geoffrey, son of Henry II dies in a tournament

1187: The capture of Jerusalem by Saladin, the sultan of Egypt

1189: John was married to Avisa, daughter and heiress of William Fitz Robert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester in 1189 but the marriage was annulled

1189: King Henry II dies on 6 July 1189 at the Chateau Chinon and Richard is crowned King

1189: King Richard gives John the titles of Count of Mortain and Lord of Ireland and orders John to stay away from England for the next three years.

1189: Richard names Arthur of Brittany ( the eldest son of his brother Geoffrey) as heir to the English throne

1190 4th of July: Richard embarks on the Third Crusade

1192: King Richard on his return from the Holy Land was shipwrecked off the coast of the Adriatic, imprisoned by the duke of Austria and held to ransom

1190 - 1194: John attempts to overthrow William Longchamp, the Bishop of Ely and take the throne of England. During this period the legend of Robin Hood is started

1194 February 4: The ransom was paid and Richard was finally released

1199 April 6: King Richard the Lionheart dies and John succeeded him to the throne of England

1199 May 27: The coronation of King John

1200: King John married Isabelle of Angouleme on August 24, 1200. They have five children: Henry ( who became King Henry III ), Richard, Earl of Cornwall, Joan of England, Isabella of England and Eleanor of England

1202: The Fourth Crusade

1202 April 28: John was declared a rebel and forfeits the lands of Aquitaine, Poitou and Anjou to King Philippe of France

1203 April 3: John was involved in the murder of Arthur

1205: John became involved in a dispute with Pope Innocent III

1209: John was excommunicated due to his opposition to Stephen Langton who was chosen as Archbishop of Canterbury by Pope Innocent III. The excommunication was lifted when John agreed to the wishes of the Pope

1211: John quashes a Welsh rebellion

1214 July 27: Defeat at the Battle of Bouvines - King John was forced to accept an unfavourable peace with France

1212: King John imposes taxes on the Barons in his attempts to regain the lost lands of Aquitaine, Poitou and Anjou

1215 June 15: Magna Carta - The English barons forced John to sign the Great Charter (Latin name: Magna Carta)

1215 - 1217: First Barons War - The rebel barons support the son of the king of France, Prince Louis

1216 May 21: Louis invades England and marches to London where he receives support and is was proclaimed and accepted as King of England (although not actually crowned) John escapes to Winchester

1216 June 14:Louis captures Winchester and then conquers over half the kingdom

1216: Siege of Dover Castle on July 25: Louis fails to capture the castle

1216 October 19: King John dies at Newark and is was buried in Worcester Cathedral

1216 October 28: The barons turn against Louis and give their support to the nine year old son of John who then became King Henry III of England

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