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Timeline of King Henry VI

King Henry VI

Middle Ages - King Henry VI

Timeline of King Henry VI
King Henry VI reigned as King of England from August 31,1422 - March 4, 1461 and October 31,1470 - April 14, 1471

1421: Henry was born on December 6, 1421 at Windsor Castle he was known as Henry of Windsor. Henry was the son of King Henry V (1387-1422) and Catherine of Valois (1401-1437)

1422: August 31, 1422: Henry VI succeeded to the throne at the age of just nine months. John, Duke of Bedford and Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester acted as regents for the young king

1423 28 September:
The English nobles swore loyalty to the young Henry VI.

1429 29 April: The Siege of Orleans - The English had laid siege to Orleans in France. Joan of Arc gains victory over the English

1429: The coronation of Henry VI was on November 6, 1429

1430 23 May: Joan of Arc was captured by the English

 1431 9 January: The trial of Joan of Arc started at Rouen

1431  30 May: The execution of Joan of Arc who was burnt at the stake

1431 December 16: Henry was proclaimed King of France at Notre Dame in Paris on December 16, 1431

1437: His mother, Catherine of Valois, died and Henry took power of England

1445 April 23: King Henry VI married Margaret of Anjou (1429-1482) at Titchfield in Hampshire. They had one son, Edward, Prince of Wales (1453-1471)

1453: King Henry VI had a mental breakdown

1453 October 13: Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales (1453-1471) was born

1450: The Duchy of Aquitaine and Normandy were lost, leaving Calais as England's only remaining territory in France

1450: Jack Cade led a rebellion in Kent. 20,000 peasants joined the revolt protesting against the King the losses in France and taxation

1454: Edward of Westminster was invested as Prince of Wales

1454: Richard, Duke of York was named regent as Protector of the Realm and started pressing his claim to the throne

1455: King Henry VI made a temporary recovery form his illness and his strong wife drove Richard, Duke of York from court - the Lancastrians with Margaret of Anjou had once gained power and the Yorkists were in decline

1455 May 22: The First Battle of St Albans was the start of Civil war in England called the Wars of the Roses

1455 - 1460: There were constant clashes between the Lancastrian faction of King Henry VI, his wife Margaret of Anjou and the Yorkist forces led by Richard, Duke of York and the Earl of Warwick

1460: Battle of Northampton, on July 10, 1460: The Yorkist army under Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick ( the Kingmaker ) captured King Henry

1460: King Henry VI again suffered a bout of madness and Richard Duke of York was again appointed Regent of England

1460 October: The Act of Accord: Richard, Duke of York was named as successor to the throne, disinheriting Henry's six year old son Prince Edward

1460: The Battle of Wakefield: Richard took a strong position at Sandal castle and far out numbered the Lancastrian army. Unbelievably Richard left Sandal castle and was defeated by the Lancastrian army. Richard was killed in the battle. His son, Edward of York, now pressed his claim to the throne of England

1461 March 4: Edward of York was declared King Edward IV in London

1470: A rebellion led by Warwick and Clarence failed and they were forced to flee to France where they made an alliance with Margaret of Anjou

1470: The French support an English invasion led by Margaret, Warwick and Clarence.

1470: King Edward IV was forced to flee when Warwick's brother, John Neville changed to the Lancastrian side

1470 3 October: Readeption of Henry VI: Henry VI was briefly restored to the throne of England

1470 December: Prince Edward was married to Anne Neville, Warwick's younger daughter

1471 March: King Edward IV lands with an invasion force in England

1471: Battle of Barnet -14 April: King Edward IV wins the battle and Warwick is killed.

1471: King Henry VI is imprisoned in the Tower of London

1471: Battle of Tewkesbury - May 4: King Edward IV wins a decisive victory and the Lancastrian male line are virtually destroyed. Edward, Prince of Wales was one of those who were killed

1471 May:Queen Margaret and her daughter-in-law, Anne Neville, are taken as prisoners by King Edward IV

1471 May 22: The death of King Henry VI at the Tower of London. The cause of his death is unknown, but he is believed to have been murdered.

King Edward IV carries on his role as King of England

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