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Timeline of King Henry V

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Timeline of King Henry V
King Henry V reigned as King of England from March 21, 1413 - August 31, 1422.

1387: Henry was born on September 16, 1387 in Monmouth, Wales, he was known as Prince Hal. Henry was the son of King Henry IV (1367-1413) and Mary de Bohun (c. 1369-1394)

1400: King Henry IV quashed the Welsh rebellion led by Owain Glyndwr who had declared himself Prince of Wales with the help of Prince Hal

1403: The Battle of Shrewsbury was fought on July 21, 1403: The Battle of Shrewsbury where King Henry quashed the rebellion of Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland ( Harry Hotspur) once again with the help of Prince Hal

1405: King Henry IV suffered from an unnamed illness - some believe leprosy, and suffered recurring illnesses up to his death

1410: The health of King Henry IV was so bad that his son, Prince Hal, took over many of his kingly duties

1413 March 20: King Henry IV died in Westminster. He was buried at Canterbury Cathedral

1413 March 21: Prince Hal succeeded his father to the throne of England as King Henry V

1413 9 April : The coronation of King Henry V

1415: Southampton Plot - Henry quashed the Southampton plot which was in favour of Mortimer

1415: The Siege of Harfleur - Henry invaded France and gained a victory at the Siege of Harfleur. The town surrendered on 22 September

1415 25 October: The Battle of Agincourt: One of the greatest victories in the Hundred Years War against France, famous for the English use of the Longbow

1420: Treaty of Troyes - Henry was recognised by the French in the Treaty of Troyes as heir to the French throne. This was cemented by his marriage to Catherine of Valois, the daughter of King Charles VI.

1420 June 2: Henry married Catherine of Valois (27 October 1401 3 January 1437), the daughter of King Charles VI, thus cementing the Treaty of Troyes

1421 6 December: The only child of Catherine and Henry was born was referred to as Henry of Windsor ( who later became King Henry VI)

1422 August 31: King Henry V died of dysentery at Bois de Vincennes. He was buried in Westminster Abbey

1422: King Henry V was succeeded by his son who became King Henry VI

1429: Catherine of Valois secretly married a Welsh courtier called Owen Tudor after the death of King Henry V - they became the grand parents of King Henry VII of England.

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