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Timeline of King Henry IV

King Henry IV

Middle Ages - King Henry IV

Timeline of King Henry IV

King Henry IV reigned as King of England from September 30, 1399 - March 20, 1413.

1367: Henry was born on April 3, 1367 at Bolingbroke Castle in Lincolnshire. He was the son of John of Gaunt, the third son of King Edward III of England, and Blanche of Lancaster (c. 1341-1369)

1380: Henry married Mary de Bohun; they had two daughters and four sons. Henry aka Prince Hal ( who became King Henry V) (1387-1422), John, Duke of Bedford (1389-1435), Thomas, Duke of Clarence (1388-1421) and Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester (1390-1447)

1399: King Richard II banished Henry Bolingbroke to France for ten years and took his lands

1399: Henry Bolingbroke landed in Yorkshire with an army provided by the King of France

1399: King Richard was captured, forced to abdicate and conceded the crown to his cousin - Henry of Lancaster ( Henry Bolingbroke )

1399: September 30, 1399: Henry succeeded to the throne of England

1399: The coronation of King Henry IV took place on October 13, 1399

1400: February 14, 1400 - King Richard II died - believed murdered in Pontefract Castle

1400: Henry quashed the Welsh rebellion led by Owain Glyndwr who had declared himself Prince of Wales with the help of Prince Hal

1403 7 February: King Henry IV married Joanna of Navarre (c. 1370-1437) - They had no children

1403: The Battle of Shrewsbury was fought on July 21, 1403: The Battle of Shrewsbury where King Henry quashed the rebellion of Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland ( Harry Hotspur) once again with the help of Prince Hal

1405: King Henry IV suffered from an unnamed illness - some believe leprosy, and suffered recurring illnesses up to his death

1410: The health of King Henry IV was so bad that his son, Prince Hal, took over many of his kingly duties

1413 March 20: King Henry IV, Henry Bolingbroke died in Westminster. He was buried at Canterbury Cathedral

1413: Prince Hal succeeded his father to the throne of England as King Henry V.

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