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Timeline of King Henry III

King Henry III

Middle Ages - King Henry III

Timeline of King Henry III
King Henry III reigned as King of England from 19 Oct 1216 - 16 Nov 1272. He was the son of King John of England and Isabelle of Angouleme.

1207: Henry was born on 1 October 1207 at Winchester Castle

1216: 19 Oct 1216: Nine year old Henry succeeded to the throne of England. The coronation of Henry III was 28 October 1216 at Gloucester. England was ruled by regents until 1227

1217: Fifth Crusade, 1217 - 1221: The 5th Crusade led by King Andrew II of Hungary, Duke Leopold VI of Austria, John of Brienne

1219: William Marshal died and Hubert de Burgh took control of England

1227: King Henry took control of England and was persuaded to remove Hubert de Burgh from power replacing him with the French Bishop of Winchester - Peter des Roches

1228 - 1229: Sixth Crusade - The 6th Crusade led by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II

1234: The English barons rebelled against King Henry and his French advisors and forced the expulsion of Peter des Roches

1236: Henry married Eleanor of Provence (c. 1223-1291) at Canterbury Cathedral, she was the younger sister of the Queen of France. They had four children: Edward (later King Edward I), Margaret of England, Beatrice of England and Edmund, Earl of Lancaster

1248: The Seventh Crusade, 1248 - 1254: The 7th Crusade led by King Louis IX of France

1256: Welsh revolt: Llewelyn ap Gruffydd declared himself ruler of North Wales and rebelled against English control.

1257:King Henry and his son Edward quash the Welsh rebellion

1258:Provisions of Oxford: Seven barons led by Simon de Montfort forced Henry to agree to the Provisions of Oxford which abolished the absolutist Anglo-Norman monarchy and gave power to a council of fifteen barons to govern England and a parliament

1262: Henry obtained a papal bull exempting him from his agreements made at the Provisions of Oxford leading to Civil War which was known as the Second Barons War

1264 - 1265: The Second Barons War the leading royalist was Prince Edward Longshanks (later Edward I of England) who was opposed by barons led by Simon de Montfort

1264: Battle of Lewes May 14: Henry was defeated and taken prisoner by Simon de Montfort's army. Prince Edward escaped and continued the fight

1265: Battle of Evesham: Simon de Montfort is defeated and power restored to King Henry

1272: King Henry III died on 16 November 1272 at Westminster in London. He was buried in Westminster Abbey

1272: He was succeeded by his Edward Longshanks who became King Edward I

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