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Timeline of King Henry II

King Henry II

Middle Ages - King Henry II

Timeline of King Henry II
The reign of King Henry II of England. He was was the son of Queen Matilda and Geoffrey of Anjou and the Grandson of King Henry I.

1133: Henry was born on March 5, 1133

1135 December 22: Stephen de Blois (King Stephen) seized the English throne throne from his Henry's mother Matilda, who was the rightful heir as the daughter of King Henry I of England

1147: Matilda gave up her fight for England and she conceded the throne to Stephen

1147: The eldest son of Matilda, Henry, attempted to invade England but he failed

1149: Henry again attempted to invade England but he was driven back to Normandy by Stephen

1149 May 22: Henry was knighted at Carlisle by David, King of the Scots.

1150: Henry was given the title of Duke of Normandy by his father.

1151: War in Normandy - King Louis VII of France was unhappy with Henry's new position as Duke of Normandy and declared war. The war was ended by Henry paying homage to Louis

1152 18 May: Henry married Eleanor of Aquitaine. This made him powerful and wealthy

1153: Henry once again invaded England and Stephen was forced to agree a truce and that Henry, the son of Matilda, should be heir to the throne of England instead of his own son, Eustace. Eustace the son of Stephen was furious and continued the fight but he died suddenly on August 17

1154 November 6: The Treaty of Wallingford. The agreement of the succession of Henry, after Stephen, was witnessed by the English Knights Templar.

1154 October 25: Stephen died in Dover

1154 December: Henry landed in England from Normandy

1154: His coronation was on 19 December 1154 when he was crowned at Westminster Abbey as King Henry II of England

1154: The Grand Master of Knights Templar, Andrι de Montbard, superintended the Masons in England and built their Temple in Fleet Street, London

1154: Thomas Becket was appointed as Chancellor of England. Beckett and Henry became good friends

1155: Henry the Young King (1155–1183) was born at Bermondsey Palace in London - the first of the seven children who born to King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine

1156: The second child of Henry and Eleanor was born - Matilda, Duchess of Saxony (1156–1189)

1157: The third child and second son of Henry and Eleanor was born at Oxford. He would later become King Richard I (1157–1199) the Lionheart

1158: The fourth child and third son of Henry and Eleanor was born - Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany (1158–1186)

1161: Thomas Becket was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury

1161: The fifth child of Henry and Eleanor was born - Leonora of England (1161–1214)

1163: July Council at Woodstock: King Henry II and Thomas Becket argue over the control of payments to Sheriffs. Becket was opposing the King - the once close friends became enemies

1163 October: The Council of Westminster: Henry put forward plans to reduce the power of the Church by merging Church courts with the English judicial system. Becket opposed Henry's plans

1164 October: Meeting at Northampton: King Henry planned to accuse Becket of being a traitor

1164 November: Becket left England and went into exile in France. Henry confiscated all his property.

1165: The sixth child of Henry and Eleanor was born - Joan Plantagenet (1165–1199)

1167: The seventh child and fourth son of Henry and Eleanor was born at Oxford - John (1167–1216) who became King John

1169 Jan 6: King Henry II, King Louis VII of France and Thomas Becket met at Montmirail. Becket submits to Henry excepting only on point and negotiations fail

1170 December 1:
Becket returned to Canterbury and excommunicated Henry

1170: Richard de Hastings, the Master of the English Templars, attempted to reconcile the differences between King Henry II and Thomas Becket

1170 Jul 22: Becket and Henry meet at Freteval where as show of friendship is made and Becket's power is partially restored

1170 December 1: Becket returns to Canterbury and threatens to excommunicated Henry for attempting to oppose and reduce the power of the church

1170: Henry was in Normandy when he heard the news. Henry went into a fit of temper where he raved and ranted against Becket asking why no one would rid him of Becket

1170 December: Four knights took Henry at his word and travelled to England to deal with Becket

1170 December 29: The four knights found Becket inside Canterbury Cathedral and killed him

1171 January 1: King Henry is told of the murder of Becket

1173 February 21: Thomas Becket was canonised by Pope Alexander III

1173: English Barons rebel against King Henry. Henry argues with all of his sons

1173: Henry begins his notorious affair with Rosamund Clifford - 'Fair Rosamund'.

1173: Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine plots against King Henry involving her sons in the disputes leading to the younger Henry launching the Revolt of 1173-1174 Henry (the Young King), Geoffrey joined Richard in Paris in an effort to rise up against their father

1173: King Henry orders the arrest of his wife and Eleanor was treated as a prisoner for the next 15 years, although she was still expected to fulfil any duties required of her. His sons never forgave Henry for this treatment of their mother

1174 July 7: The Whipping of Henry II: Henry II was whipped by the monks of Canterbury as penance for the part he played in the death of St Thomas a Becket even though he had been cleared of any involvement in the murder of Thomas Becket

1179: Richard argued with his brothers and joined his father King Henry II to subdue Henry the Young King, Geoffrey and the barons

1183 June:Henry the Young King died of dysentery and Richard became heir to the throne of England

1186 July: Geoffrey, son of Henry II dies in a tournament

1189: Date when King Henry II died: 6 July 1189 at the Chateau Chinon. King Henry II was buried Fontevraud Abbey

King Henry II was succeeded by his sons as King Richard the Lionheart and King John

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