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Timeline of King Edward III

King Edward III

Middle Ages - King Edward III

Timeline of King Edward III
The Middle Ages encompass one of the most exciting and bloodthirsty periods in English and European History. Edward III reigned as King of England from 1327 - 1377 for 56 years. He was the son of the deposed King Edward II of England and Isabella of France.

1312: Prince Edward of Windsor was born on November 13, 1312 at Windsor Castle

1325: Queen Isabella went to France to negotiate a solution to the disputes. Her eldest son, Prince Edward of Windsor accompanied her.

1325: Queen Isabella formed a liaison with Roger Mortimer and plotted against the decadent King Edward II and was determined to expel the powerful Despensers

1326: 4 September 1326: Isabella landed in Essex accompanied by Roger Mortimer and Prince Edward

1326: October 2 : King Edward II fled from London who supported Isabella

1326: November 16: King Edward II was and imprisoned in Monmouth Castle

1327: January King Edward II was forced to abdicate in favour of his son Edward who became King Edward III

1327: The coronation of Prince Edward was on February 1, 1327 when he became King Edward III

1328: King Edward was married to Philippa of Hainault (c. 1314-1369) King Edward III and Queen Philippa had twelve children, seven sons ( only five survived) and five daughters - Edward, Prince of Wales - the Black Prince, Lionel, Duke of Clarence, John, Duke of Lancaster ( John of Gaunt), Edmund, Duke of York, Thomas, Duke of Gloucester. His daughters were called Isabella Plantagenet (1332 - 1382), Joan Plantagenet (1335 - 1348), Blanche Plantagenet (b. 1342), Mary Plantagenet (1344 - 1362) and Margaret Plantagenet (1346 - 1361)

1330: King Edward seized control of the English court, overthrowing Mortimer, who was executed, and removing Queen Isabella from power.

1333: Battle of Halidon Hill - King Edward III defeated the Scots

1340 26 January: Edward had a claim to the French throne and declared himself king of France

1340: Start of the Hundred Years War between England and France

1346: Battle of Crecy: The French were defeated at the Battle of Crecy. The Black Prince joined his father in this battle

1347: King Edward III founded the Order of the Garter as "a society, fellowship and college of knights."

1347 - 1351: The Black Death ravaged England

1356: The Battle of Poitiers - The Black Prince led England to the great victory at the Battle of Poitiers

1360: The Treaty of Bretigny - The English were given a three million crown ransom for the release of the captured French king, John II

1369: Queen Philippa died in 1369

1369: King Edward took Alice Perrers as his mistress

1376 8 June: Edward, the Black Prince and eldest son of King Edward III died. His eldest son, Richard, became heir to the English throne and was given the title of Prince of Wales

1376: The "Good Parliament" - Parliament criticised Edward's councillors, including family members of Alice Perrers

1377: King Edward III died June 21, 1377 at Sheen Palace. He was buried in Westminster Abbey

1377: King Edward III was succeeded by Richard, the son of Edward the Black Prince. He was crowned King Richard II of England

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