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Timeline of King Edward II

King Edward II

Middle Ages - King Edward II

Timeline of King Edward II

King Edward II Reigned as King of England from July 7, 1307 - 20 January,1327. He was the son of King Edward I of England by his first wife Eleanor of Castile.

1284: King Edward II was born on April 25, 1284 at Caernarvon Castle

1284: Prince Edward was the first English prince to hold the title of the Prince of Wales

1300: King Edward I chose Piers Gaveston as a suitable companion to Prince Edward. Piers Gaveston turned out to be a terrible influence on Prince Edward and they were believed to have had a homosexual relationship. King Edward was furious and banished Piers Gaveston to France

1307: King Edward I died on July 7, 1307

1307: Edward succeeded to the throne of England on July 7, 1307 and immediately recalled Piers Gaveston from France who he created the Earl of Cornwall to the fury of the English court

1308 25 January: King Edward II married Isabella of France the daughter of King Philip IV of France, "Philip the Fair. They had four children: Edward (later King Edward III), John, Earl of Cornwall, Eleanor of Woodstock and Jeanne of the Tower

1311: The power of the decadent King was curbed by the Barons and the Parliament

1312: English barons, headed by the king's cousin Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, went to war against King Edward II and Piers Gaveston

1312 19 June: Piers Gaveston was murdered.

1314: Robert the Bruce was laying siege to Stirling Castle

1314 June: Edward led an army into Scotland to relieve Stirling Castle

1314: June 24: Battle of Bannockburn. King Edward II was totally defeated by Robert the Bruce who subsequently devastated the northern counties of England

1318: Hugh the younger Despenser replaced the role of Piers Gaveston. Edward gave him the title of the Earl of Gloucester

1321: Parliament, led by Thomas of Lancaster, had Hugh le Despenser and his son banished.

1322: War with the Barons: Edward recalled the Despensers from exile, and defeated Lancaster at Boroughbridge. Lancaster was executed at Pontefract.

1322 - 1327: The Despensers effectively ruled England

1325: Queen Isabella went to France to negotiate a solution to the disputes. Her eldest son, Edward of Windsor accompanied her.

1325: Queen Isabella formed a liaison with Roger Mortimer and plotted against the decadent Edward and was determined to expel the Despensers

1326  4 September: Isabella landed in Essex accompanied by Roger Mortimer and her son Edward

1326: October 2 : King Edward fled from London who supported Isabella

1326: November 16: King Edward was and imprisoned in Monmouth Castle

1327: January King Edward II was forced to abdicate in favour of his son Edward who became King Edward III

1327: April 3: The deposed Edward was imprisoned in Berkeley Castle

1327: King Edward II died on September 21, 1327 where he suffered a terrible death

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