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Simon de Montfort

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Short Biography profile and facts about the life of Simon de Montfort of England
The following biography information provides basic facts and information about the life and history of Simon de Montfort a famous Medieval character of the Middle Ages:

  • Nationality: Born in France

  • Also Known as: Earl Simon de Montford
  • Lifespan: 1208-1265
  • Date of Birth: He was born in 1208, the exact date of birth is unknown
  • Family connections : He was the  son of Simon de Montfort, leader of the Albigensian Crusade and   Alix of Montmorency
  • Career and Timeline:
    • Simon went to England in 1229 to claim lands he had inherited
    • Simon de Montfort became an advisor to King Henry III
    • In 1238 he married Eleanor, Henry's sister
    • In 1240, Simon distinguishes himself on crusade
    • Simon de Montfort argued with King Henry and often returned to France
    • 1258: The Provisions of Oxford: Seven barons led by Simon de Montfort forced King Henry to agree to the Provisions of Oxford which abolished the absolutist Anglo-Norman monarchy and gave power to a council of fifteen barons to govern England and a parliament
    • 1262: King Henry obtained a papal bull exempting him from his agreements made at the Provisions of Oxford which lead to Civil War  which was known as the Second Barons War (1264 1267)
      • The First Barons War (12151217) was war between barons and King John
    • 1264: Battle of Lewes - King Henry was defeated and taken prisoner by Simon de Montfort's army. Prince Edward Longshanks escaped and continued the fight
    • 1265: Simon de Montfort called a Parliament where for the first time not only knights, but representatives from the burhs (boroughs) attended
    • 1265:Battle of Evesham: Simon de Montfort is defeated and power restored to King Henry
  • Date of Death: Simon de Montfort died on August 4, 1265 at the Battle of Evesham
  • Accomplishments or why Simon de Montfort was famous: Leader of the Second Barons Revolt and instituting the House of Commons

Simon de Montfort
The story and biography of Simon de Montfort which contains interesting information, facts & the history about the life of this Medieval person of historical importance.

Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, at the head of the rebellious barons, won a victory over King Henry III in 1264, and took the monarch and his son Edward prisoners. Earl Simon de Montfort now ruled the kingdom, and not only called an extra session of Parliament, but in 1265 admitted representatives of the towns and boroughs, thereby instituting the House of Commons. The House of Commons is regarded as the bulwark of civil and political liberty. Prince Edward escaped from prison and organized an army, which in 1265 defeated the rebels at the Battle of Evesham where Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester and his son were slain. The  soldiers wreaked their vengeance upon the body of the fallen man. Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester was regarded as a martyr to the cause of the common man.

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