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Short Biography profile and facts about the life of Regiomontanus
The following biography and information provides basic facts and information about the key dates and events in the life of Regiomontanus who was famous as a Medieval Scientist, Mathematician and Astronomer.

  • Nationality: German

  • Also Known as : Johann Muller
  • Lifespan: 1436 - 1476
  • Date of Birth: He was born on 6 June 1436 in Unfinden, near Königsberg), Germany
  • Family connections : He was the the son of a miller
  • Early Life and Education: Regiomontanus became a mathematical and astronomical prodigy at a very early age. His early education was at home
  • Career and Timeline of Regiomontanus : 
    • 1447 - 1450:Studied at the University of Leipzig
    • 1450: Regiomontanus entered the University of Vienna and became a pupil of Peurbach
    • 1457: Received his Masters degree
    • 1457:He was appointed to the Arts Faculty of the University of Vienna where he worked on mathematics and astronomy
    • 1457:Regiomontanus constructed instruments such as astrolabes
    • 1461:Regiomontanus travelled to Rome with Cardinal Bessarion who was his patron
    • 1463:Regiomontanus left Rome and travelled to Padua where he lectured at the university
    • 1464:Regiomontanus wrote his book De triangulis omnimodis detailing methods for solving triangles
    • 1467:Regiomontanus travelled to Hungary where his patron was the King of Hungary. He worked at the Royal Library in Budapest where he worked with Martin Bylica on astronomy and studied old manuscripts including Diophantus's Arithmetica
    • Regiomontanus completed the Epitome of the Almagest which was begun by Peurbach
    • 1471:Regiomontanus returned to Nurenburg where he built an observatory and constructed instruments such as the astrolabe, parallactic ruler, quadrants and Jacob's staff
    • 1472:  Regiomontanus set up a printing press in his own house and published various scientific and astrological works
    • 1474:he published Ephemerides
  • Date of Death: Regiomontanus died on 6 July 1476 in Rome, Italy from the Black Death
  • Accomplishments or why Regiomontanus was famous: Regiomontanus made important contributions to mathematics, trigonometry and astronomy. His book Ephemerides was used by Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci to measure longitudes in their explorations of the New World.
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