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Middle Ages Artists
Middle Ages artists came from different walks of life as opposed to the artists of the early Middle Ages who were predominantly monks and priests who were based in monasteries. The Later Middle Ages saw the emergence of Gothic Art and the advances of art in the Middle Ages which were pioneered by the great artists of the period. During this period Middle Ages artists broke away from the influences of the Byzantium art style.

It developed into Gothic and Middle Ages visual art. The Medieval artists, sculptors and painters were founders of the movement towards greater realism which culminated in the Renaissance art style. Refer to Middle Ages Art.

Names of Famous Middle Ages Artists
The most famous artists of the Middle Ages included men such as Donatello, Giotto, Leon Battista Alberti, Cimabue, Filippo Brunelleschi, Fra Angelico and Lorenzo Ghiberti. A short biography and timeline of each of  these famous artists can be accessed from the following links:

Leon Battista Alberti
Filippo Brunelleschi
Fra Angelico
Lorenzo Ghiberti

Changes and Accomplishments of Middle Ages Artists
Each of the famous sculptors, painters and artists of the Middle Ages detailed above were founders of the movement towards greater realism which culminated in the Renaissance art style. The contributions of these famous Medieval artists are described below:

  • Lorenzo Ghiberti was famous as a Medieval sculptor and painter. He was a founder of the Renaissance, an intellectual movement that started in the Italian city of Florence in the early 15th century

  • Donatello was greatly occupied with statuary work. Statuary was greatly admired by the Romans who created statues commemorating famous people or events

  • Giotto di Bondone was famous as an architect, sculptor, and painter of the early Renaissance. He broke away from the Byzantine art style and pioneered new ideals of naturalism and created a sense of pictorial space

  • Leon Battista Alberti developed architectural principals were founded on the importance of painting as a base for architecture

  • Cimabue was the last great painter who worked in the Byzantine tradition but he was also a founder of the movement towards greater realism which culminated in the Renaissance

  • Filippo Brunelleschi was and Artist, Sculptor and Architect. He developed a technique forming the basis of Renaissance architecture and also developed the use of perspective, which revolutionized painting in the Middle Ages, allowing for naturalistic styles as opposed to the stylized figures painted by Medieval artists

  • Fra Angelico was famous as a Florentine artist of the Middle Ages who specialised in pietistic painting ( religious art)

Names of Middle Ages Women Artists
The known names of Middle Ages Women Artistsare included on the following list who were manuscript illuminators:

  • Claricia - German female artist and nun who illuminated manuscripts in the 12th century
  • Herrad of Landsberg (1125-1195) Abbess of Hohenburg
  • Ende - 11th century nun and illuminator
  • Guda or Guta - German 12th century nun and illuminator
  • Diemud or Diemudis (1057-1130) - 12th century Bavarian nun and illuminator
  • Abbess Hitda
  • Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)
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