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Good Queen Maude

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Good Queen Maude
The following biography information provides basic facts and information about the life of Good Queen Maude a Medieval Queen in England during the Middle Ages.

  • Name: Good Queen Maude - she was originally named Edith but changed her name in deference to her mother-in-law

  • Married: King Henry I on November 11, 1100
  • Lifespan: This famous woman lived from c.1080-May 1, 1118
  • Family connections / Genealogy: She was the daughter of Malcolm Greathead, King of Scotland, and of a lady of the old English royal line
  • Title: Her title was Queen of England
  • Children: William Adelin , who died when young and Maude (Latin name was Matilda) who became Queen Matilda of England
  • Facts about her life: Good Queen Maude was renowned for her devotion to religion and the poor
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