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Godfrey of Bouillon

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Short Biography profile and facts about the life of Godfrey of Bouillon of England
The following biography information provides basic facts and information about the life and history of Godfrey of Bouillon a famous Medieval character of the Middle Ages:

  • Nationality: French
  • Also Known by the Nickname:

  • Lifespan: 1060 1100
  • Date of Birth: He was born in 1060, the exact date of birth is unknown
  • Family connections : He was the son of Eustace II, Count of Boulogne and Ida the daughter of Godfrey III. His brother was Baldwin of Boulogne (the future Baldwin I of Jerusalem
  • Godfrey of Bouillon, with Tancred de Hauteville, gained victory at the Siege of Antioch which had lasted from October 1097 to June 1098
  • Godfrey of Bouillon and Tancred were among the first to mount the ramparts during the capture of Jerusalem
  • Godfrey of Bouillon was elected king of Jerusalem on July 22 1099
  • Date of Death: Godfrey of Bouillon died on July 18, 1100. He was killed by an arrow at the siege of Acre
  • Character of Godfrey of Bouillon: Pious and brave
  • What did he look like?: A description of Godfrey of Bouillon: William of Tyre described Godfrey as "tall of stature, not extremely so, but still taller than the average man. He was strong beyond compare, with solidly-built limbs and a stalwart chest. His features were pleasing, his beard and hair of medium blond."
  • Accomplishments or why Godfrey of Bouillon was famous: As a leader of the First Crusade and the Knights Templar movement. He was elected head of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

Godfrey of Bouillon
The story and biography of Godfrey of Bouillon which contains interesting information, facts & the history about the life of this Medieval person of historical importance in the Crusades.

Godfrey of Bouillon and the Kingdom of Jerusalem
At the head of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem was placed Godfrey of Bouillon, the most valiant and devoted of the crusader knights of the Knights Templar order. Godfrey of Bouillon refused the title and vestments of royalty, declaring that he would never wear a crown of gold in the city where his Lord and Master had worn a crown of thorns.

The only title Godfrey of Bouillon would accept was that of "Defender of the Holy Sepulchre." Many of the crusaders, considering their vows fulfilled, now set out on their return to their homes, some making their way back by sea and some by land. Godfrey of Bouillon, Tancred, and a few hundred other knights, were all that stayed behind to maintain the conquests that had been made, and to act as guardians of the holy places and the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

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