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Early Middle Ages Timeline: (1066 - 1307)
The Early Middle Ages Timeline of the Medieval period details the major events significant to the lives and events of famous people who lived during this era.

1066-1087: The reign of King William the Conqueror
The Battle of Hastings and the defeat of Harold Godwinson

The Building of Norman castles in England including the Tower of London in 1073

1086 -
Compilation of the Doomsday book

9th September 1087:
William the Conqueror dies at Saint-Gervais near Rouen, France

The reign of King William Rufus (son of William). William invades Wales and builds castles on the borders

The reign of King Henry I (William Rufus brother)

1135-1154: The reign of King Stephen (nephew of Henry I)

1099: First Crusade. Jerusalem is re-taken from the Muslims on the urging of Pope Urban II

1118: The Knights Templar founded to protect Jerusalem and European pilgrims on their journey to the city

1147: Second Crusade

1154-1189: The reign of King Henry II (grandson of Henry I)

1156: Kremlin built in Moscow

1158: The Hanseatic League is founded

1184: The first of many Inquisitions begins

1170: Thomas a Becket is murdered in Canterbury Cathedral

1189-1199: The reign of King Richard I (third son of Henry II)
Richard the Lionheart embarks on the Third Crusade
William Longchamp, the Bishop of Ely was appointed his regent

1190: Third Crusade. Saladin manages to unite the Muslim world and recapture Jerusalem, sparking the Third Crusade

1191: Prince John opposes the powerful Bishop Longchamp and lays siege to the Tower of London

1199-1216: The reign of King John (fifth son of Henry II)

1200: Fourth Crusade embarks. Eventually sacks Constantinople

1212: Children's Crusade

1214 -1215: Barons revolt

1215: Magna Carta is signed

1216: Legend has it that King John lost the Crown Jewels, which were kept in Westminster Abbey, in quicksand

1216-1272: The reign of King Henry III (son of John)
King Henry III was only ten years old when he was crowned

1258: Provisions of Oxford forced upon Henry III of England, establishing a new form of government limited regal authority

1241 - 1244: The Welsh Prince Gruffydd was imprisoned and fell to his death in a bid to escape

1263 - 1267: The Barons War. The barons led by Simon de Montfort force the king to submit to government by council leading to the formation of the English Parliament

1272-1307: The reign of King Edward I (son of Henry III)

1273: Rudolph I of Germany is elected Holy Roman Emperor

1274: Thomas Aquinas' work, Summa Theologiae is published

1295: Marco Polo publishes his tales of China

1297: William Wallace emerges as the leader of the Scottish resistance to England

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