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Christine de Pizan
The story and biography of Christine de Pizan which contains interesting information, facts & the history about the life of this Medieval woman of historical importance. Although Christine de Pazan was born in Italy she spent most of her life in France where she received an excellent education.  She was happily married to Etienne du Castel at the age of 15 and they had three children.

Her husband died at the age of thirty four and Christine de Pazan became a widow tens years after her marriage. She was determined to make her own living. And she achieved this through her writing. She was highly intelligent, courageous and not afraid to speak her mind. Her criticism of 'Roman de la Rose' by Jean de Meun resulted in her reputation as one of the first feminists.

Short Biography profile and facts about the life of Christine de Pizan
The following biography information provides basic facts and information about the life and history of Christine de Pizan a famous Medieval character of the Middle Ages:

  • Nationality: Italian
  • Also Known as: Christine de Pisan
  • Lifespan: 1364 -1430
  • Date of Birth: She was born in Venice in 1364
  • Family connections : She was the the daughter of Tommaso di Benvenuto da Pizzano (Thomas de Pizan), a physician, professor of astrology, and Councillor of the Republic of Venice
  • Christine de Pazan moved to Paris at the age of five with her father who had been appointed as the astrologer to Charles V
  • Christine de Pazan spent the rest of her life in France.
  • Married: Etienne du Castel at the age of 15. They had three children
  • Early Life and Education: Extremely well educated in languages, literature, science and geometry
  • Career: Medieval writer, rhetorician and critic. After her husband died Christine de Pizan sought to support herself as a writer of Ballads and later books
  • She had a famous quarrel with the author Jean de Meun. Christine de Pazan was incensed at his book called 'Roman de la Rose'. In her book called 'L'Epistre au Dieu d'amours' she took a strong stand against him criticising his work as being immoral and mysoginistic
  • In 1415 Christine retired to a convent where she continued to write
  • Date of Death: Christine de Pizan died in 1430
  • Accomplishments or why Christine de Pizan was famous: As a Medieval author and feminist. Her books included The Book of the City of Ladies, The Book of Three Virtues and her autobiography called L'Avision de Christine.
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