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Short Biography profile and facts about the life of Catherine of Valois
The Middle Ages encompass one of the most exciting periods in English History. The names of famous Kings scatter the History books. But behind every famous King of the Middle Ages was a Medieval Queen or Princess. Who were the wives of these famous Kings? Who were the queens or princesses who married the Middle Ages Kings of England?

A medieval Queen or Princess. These Queens and Princesses shared the most powerful positions with their husbands and many held extremely important influence over their sons. The English Medieval Queens and Princesses of the Middle Ages cover the periods from 1066 - 1485. The following biography information provides basic facts and information about the life of Catherine of Valois a Medieval Queen in England during the Middle Ages.

Medieval Queens and Princesses - Catherine of Valois 

  • Name: Catherine of Valois
  • Married: Henry V of England (1387 1422)
  • Family connections / Genealogy: Catherine of Valois was the daughter of King Charles VI of France and Isabeau de Baviere
  • Title: Queen consort of England from 1420 till 1422
  • Lifespan: This famous woman lived from 1401-1437
  • Famous children: King Henry VI
  • Facts about her life: Catherine of Valois was treated with suspicion by the court because of her French origin. She was exiled from court when her husband the King died. Catherine of Valois secretly married a Welsh courtier called Owen Tudor after the death of King Henry V - they became the grand parents of King Henry VII of England
  • Important events during her life: The English victory at the Battle of Agincourt
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