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Important Facts about the Battles Timeline of the One Hundred Years War
Interesting information and important facts:

  • Key Dates relating to the event: The Battles Timeline of the One Hundred Years War range from 1337 - 1453

  • The Hundred Years War actually lasted for 116 years

  • All of the battles of the Hundred Years War were fought in France
  • The Hundred Years War was fought between between England and France and later Burgundy
  • Joan of Arc was a major figure in the Hundred Years War

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1337 Battle of Cadsand: English victory

24 June 1340 Naval Battle of Sluys: English victory

1345 Battle of Auberoche: English victory

1346 Siege of Calais: English victory

26 August 1346 Battle of Crecy: English victory

1346 Battle of Saint-Pol-de-Leon: English victory

1347 Battle of La Roche-Derrien: English victory

1351 Battle of Saintes: English victory

1351 Battle of Ardres: French victory

1352 Battle of Mauron: Anglo-Breton victory

September 19, 1356 Battle of Poitiers: English victory

September 29, 1364 Battle of Auray: English victory

3 April 1367 Battle of Navarrette (Najera)

1369 Battle of Montiel: French victory

1373 Battle of Chiset (Chizai): French victory

18 August - 22 Sept 1415 Siege of Harfleur

25 October 1415 Battle of Agincourt: English victory

July 1418 - January 1419 Siege of Rouen: English victory

March 21, 1421 Battle of Bauge: Franco-Scots victory

July 31, 1423 Battle of Cravant: English victory

17 August 1423 Battle of Verneuil (Vernuil): English victory

March 6, 1426 Battle of St. James: English victory

June 11 - 12, 1429 Battle of Jargeau: English victory

16 - 17 June, 1429 Battle of Beaugency: French victory

1428 - 1429 Siege of Orleans: French victory

18 June 1429 Battle of Patay: French victory

1430 Siege of Compiegne: French victory

1435 Battle of Gerbevoy: French victory

April 15, 1450 Battle of Formigny: French victory

July 17, 1453 Battle of Castillon: French victory

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